ADAPT provides motivational, educational and inspirational talks to people of all ages from school pupils and university students to young offenders and corporate clients. Our talks are designed to get people thinking about their own mental health and that of their peers, to dispel myths surrounding stigma and shame attached to depression, anxiety and similar issues, and most of all to foster a dialogue between people about their feelings and what they are experiencing. In short, we want people to talk to each other, and not suffer in silence.



Young people are the main target of ADAPT’s efforts. They are constantly identified within society as the most at risk, the most impressionable and have the most potential. We want to help as many young people as possible to combat whatever issues they may be facing. In schools, children acquire some of the most fundamental and important tools for facing the world they will inherit. With mental health issues on the rise, we want to do whatever we can to help young people use these tools to prepare for the road ahead.

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Almost everyone that works with ADAPT has fond memories of their time at university, but we also remember how difficult and often intimidating it could be. Higher education is still recognised as a platform for global innovation and change, and at ADAPT we’re as concerned about the future of the world as anyone else. We want to help students achieve as much as possible during their time at university to generate the best possible outcomes. We want to maximise their motivation and productivity by helping them to identify and engage with the issues that many of them will be experiencing.

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Whether its young offenders or adults in correction, ADAPT believes that given the right tools, everyone can contribute to society. As such, we’re committed to offering our services to help anyone in any situation better themselves and understand their issues. Be it depression, addiction or anti-social behaviour, we like a challenge, and believe that no one is a lost cause.

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Businesses and companies exist in millions of different configurations and with a wide variety of targets and goals. We offer corporate motivational talks to help employers and employees better understand their roles in the workplace and in life, and this is as important to ADAPT as our work with young people or any other clients. We tailor every presentation we do to help you and your business see the world in a different light -not just in light of mental health, but with the bigger picture of harnessing abilities to help individuals contribute and perform at the highest levels.

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Rich Pearson is a 29 year old entrepreneur, motivational speaker, welfare specialist, professional athlete and the founder and director of The ADAPT Initiative. His clients include some of the largest and most influential companies and brands in the world including Red Bull, Glastonbury Festival, Barclays and Sainsburys. He has spoken to thousands of young people in schools and universities around the UK as a motivational speaker and has worked with award winning institutions such as Exeter University and Haileybury School. As a professional mountain bike rider he has performed in front of Buckingham Palace and at Goodwood Festival of Speed. As a slackline instructor he has worked with tens of thousands of people to introduce a new sport to children and adults alike and to motivate people to be more active. He has appeared on television and in music videos, has lectured on welfare and creative events courses, has broken a Guinness world record, and importantly has endured a lifelong relationship with depression and anxiety, giving him a first hand understanding of these conditions and the stigma surrounding them.

“After nearly 15 years of suffering from depression, anxiety, insecurity and a number of other mental conditions, I realised that by talking about my problems publicly, it’s not only helped me understand my own issues, but has helped other people come to terms with theirs, to promote a change in how we think about mental health and to encourage future generations to talk more openly among their peers and not be ashamed of being who they are.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to launch the ADAPT Initiative, which stands for Awareness of Depression and Anxiety in People Today.

ADAPT’s role will be to work with schools, colleges, universities, young offenders institutions and various other partners, alongside charities and health initiatives to provide engaging and hopefully uplifting presentations and talks, with the aim of expanding the understanding of the one thing that appears to be helping people more than anything else; talking to each other.”



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